Sprout Social Followup



About a month ago, I started my 30 day free trial of Sprout Social, as I mentioned on September 17. It’s been over a month since I started using it, and I wanted to share more about it. 

I currently manage about a dozen clients’ social marketing. It’s very difficult to create social reporting for that many clients without spending a great deal of time that could be spent on other priorities. Sprout Social has made this part of my life way easier, by instantly creating social reports. It takes literally a minute to do, and I can send it to the client and be done!

Another part of Sprout Social that I like is the alerts. When someone engages with one of my clients’ social profiles, it shows up in my dashboard and I can either act on it or alert the client. This is much easier and less time consuming than logging in to each profile one-at-a-time and seeing the notifications. 

Lastly, I really like their Feeds feature. You can connect your RSS feeds and other social feeds into SS so you can stay up to date with any news in your particular industry. This is great for instantly curating content and syndicating to your networks.


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