Pinterest, A Love/Hate Relationship

There are many things about Pinterest that I love, so I won’t list them here. It’s addicting, it’s fun, it’s hedonic. Whatever. There ARE a few things about Pinterest that drive me crazy! Of course, I know it is usually the fault of the posters, but I like focusing my blame on the social network itself.

  • Diet Hypocrites! Do you want to make me fat or make me skinny? First you show me hundreds of delicious recipes for extravagant desserts and dinners…and then turn around and tell me 100 ways to work my abs without crunches! What do you want from me?
 Image        vs.       Image
  • Teasing: You show me adorable outfits, and when I click on the link, it just takes me to a stupid blog with the photo. No way to purchase said outfit…just a blog with the photo.
Hello. My name is adorable outfit. Ha ha ha, you will never find me!
  • Someecard Abuse: Those Someecards that are constantly being pinned. There’s a new create-your-own feature which allows un-funny people to take a hilarious concept, create inside jokes, and make someecards incredibly unfunny.


  • Fitspiration/Thinspo: Okay this just makes my blood boil. Annoying fitness-inspiration quotes that usually make no sense, and usually feature disgustingly skinny models:
I don’t deserve what? To look like I haven’t eaten in two weeks? Thanks, but no thanks.
Oh really? I’ll be the judge of that.

Okay enough complaining. You know I love my Pinterest. These were just a few things that irk me about it and sometimes can drive me away. Do you have any Pinterest pet peeves?


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