OMG CUTE: StickyGram Turns Your Instagram Photos into Magnets

Turn Instagram Photos into Magnets

How cute is this?? If you are an avid Instagrammer (like me), you are going to love this product. It’s called StickyGram. You can get your beloved Instagram photos printed on mini magnets! Instead of leaving your vintage-looking photo of a cupcake in the digital world, bring it into your kitchen by turning it into a magnet! I love this idea.

Pricing looks reasonable to me: $14.99 for 9 stickygrams and FREE worldwide shipping! This would be an adorable gift or just a cute way to decorate your fridge. I’m into photography right now, so a cute idea for me would be getting a magnet board for my room and pinning my printed photos on the board with these magnets. A little overboard? Maybe. I haven’t bought these yet, but I’m highly considering it. I just thought it was a little nifty product for social media lovers like me (and you)!


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