Facebook Photo App Launches

So this is what that whole Facebook buying Instagram deal was all about. Facebook has been in the works with this prior to the acquisition, and you can’t blame them for buying out their competition.

Today, Facebook released their new Facebook Phone App for iPhone. The app has received mixed reviews. Unfortunately, I do not own an iPhone, as I am of the Android persuasion. However, close friends of mine have tried it out and already seem addicted. Mashable says it’s “an Instagram clone — and a second-rate one at that.” One of the draws to the app is the ability to scroll through your friends’ feeds in photo-format. Instagram only allows you to see photos posted from the Instagram app, while the Facebook Camera app allows you to see all of your friends’ photos posted to Facebook. In my opinion, if you are going to release a new app that already exists in many iterations, try to create one that adds a unique selling point. Your copycat app won’t go far if you can’t even be as good as the original(s).


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